The Lazy Vegetarian

Hello and welcome to my first food post!

I should probably start by saying that my relationship with food has always been a little complicated as I struggled with my body image through my teens and into adulthood. Once I moved out on my own I slowly began to gain weight as I blindly ate way too much pasta, meat, everything. It wasn’t long before I wasn’t recognising the rounder face in the mirror. I began to eat for comfort, because of stress, and simply ate far too big portions for a woman of my age and height, not to mention my rapidly slowing metabolism. Then, about a year and a half ago, my situation changed and I quickly adapted to a new way of living: vegetarianism.

I have to be honest: there was no sudden, animal-saving epiphany that acted as a catalyst in my adoption of a vegetarian life; it is simply because I am lazy. My boyfriend has been a strict veggie for over seven years, and once we moved in together it became abundantly clear that it was definitely easier – not to mention far cheaper – for me to become a vegetarian rather than buying veggies, fake meat products AND real meat. On top of the extra cooking, it meant we couldn’t really share meals together without generating a LOT of dirty dishes. As someone who doesn’t own a dishwasher, washing the dishes is already the absolute bane of my life, never mind washing twice as many as we would need dedicated veggie and meat pots, pans and plates. Plus, as I’ve said, meat is not the cheapest commodity in the UK, so we also save a few pennies there.

That’s not to say I don’t value the ethical side of my lifestyle choice; I am a huge believer in animal rights and if we do buy animal “products” such as eggs or milk, we always buy organic or free range as a wee heads up to the chickens that (hopefully) run around on those farms. Films like Blackfish and Cowspiracy opened up my mind to a wide range of animal rights issues as well as the impact of over-farming on our planet, but that’s for another time.

I am reluctant to say that this blog could be used as a “weight loss guide” as everyone needs a tailored plan to lose weight healthy. For me, that was a vegetarian diet and brown carbs (rice, pasta, bread etc.). I’m not about to suggest that everyone should become vegetable worshippers overnight and hit the gym eight days a week, but I also can’t deny that certain lifestyle choices have affected me positively, while maybe affecting others very negatively. I’m told it’s in my genes to absolute love food, and one of my other favourite past-times is cooking, especially for my friends and family, as well as eating (obviously).

Whilst the presentation of my food can sometimes leave a lot to be desired, I’m told that the flavours are there, which is a plus of sorts. I hope you enjoy my style of cooking, baking and general culinary wizardry as I try to vary my diet.

Also: There may be gin here. Sometimes whisky. Probably beer. Just sayin’.



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