Things I can’t resist doing in games #1

We all have our own gaming quirks and habits that we do when playing a new game or even replaying an old favourite. RPG’s especially allow us to tailor our style of playing to our own tastes so that you can be the sneaky, pickpocketing, dagger-wielding type or the (sometimes literally) guns blazing, heavy armour wearing fiend of your RPG dreams.

My focus today is on one of my favourite gaming hobbies: Hoarding and collecting.

I can’t help but search every barrel, cupboard, desk, chest – you name it, I’ve searched it. Even when looting bodies where every enemy had the same type of weapons and armour, I was right in there taking their stuff. In order to manage my junk/ prized possessions, I often need to invest in the many houses/ stash points available throughout the games because I never stick to my mantra of “I’ll sell that later!” It’s a complete fib – I stick it all in designated weapon/armour/cheese caches where I can sit and gloat over my loot rather than progress with the main game.

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 has been the best and worst experience for this, as the junk actually has a point in this game – settlement building. I could go on forever about The Sims-esque joy settlement building brings me, but that’s for another post. I feel vindicated in my quests for random objects in F4 as it finally has a purpose other than possibly (never) selling items or rolling three hundred wheels of cheese down a mountainside.

It wasn’t until I started playing the Witcher 3 that I truly realised the extent of this crazy urge to pick up everything I can. *OPENING SPOILER* As you’re travelling with Vesemir towards the tavern in White Orchard, riding along on your horses having a good chat, I noticed the little leaf signs appear on the mini map (The Witcher is SUPER helpful in regards to locating loot, plants etc. thanks to Geralt’s Witcher senses.). So I went over to a little bush to see what it was. I later found out that plants and monster body parts can be used as potion ingredients and that there are literally hundreds of pickable plants throughout the various lands. So rather than follow Vesemir – and the story – I buggered off no less than two minutes into the game to pick flowers. Even though I didn’t know it then, when asked by my long suffering boyfriend “Why are you going around just picking flowers/plants?” I screamed rather feverishly at him: “I NEED THIS!” I was totally right, obviously, but I could have at least tried to start the game before becoming Geralt the Gardener.

Geralt: Serial looter and water hoarder. © GameNora

But – and it’s a big but – there is a slight downside to this frivolous collecting habit. I’ve modified my Power Armour to allow me to carry more weight and have limited to myself to even one or two weapons, and I have still managed to be over encumbered by my junk weight. Which, with this Power Armour and various perks, is around the 460 weight mark. I’ve been in the middle of difficult battles with twenty raiders or a few Deathclaws and suddenly Fallout is all DROP SOME OF THAT WEIGHT WOMAN!

Even your companions are shouting at you half the time, all “Leave that junk behind!” and “Hmm. What’s that for?” as I hoard my precious tin cans and typewriters (I’m looking at you, Paladin Danse.). Basically, no one in or outside of this game will let me have fun and just do my thing. Maybe I want 400 tin cans, or 20 swords from Velen, or 300 Eider Cheese wheels. FIGHT ME.

Totally need those shopping baskets. Plus, who WOULDN’T want a cute kitten picture AND an adorable teddy bear with a helmet and cigar? © GameNora

Anyway, if you have any random activities you simply must do in games, post them here! Tune in next week for another peek into my personal gaming habits!



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