Beauty: Clear skin taboo?

Welcome to the beauty and lifestyle side of my blog!

The topic I’m focusing on today is problem skin and adult acne and why we feel the need to pretend it doesn’t exist. Since I was around 8 or 9 years old, I have been plagued with spots, oily skin and acne. Whilst I had the hindsight to use Bio-Oil and moisturiser to help reduce scarring, at the tender age of 25 I am still getting terrible outbreaks. I have used almost every over-the-counter remedy available and at one point was even prescribed topical treatments, antibiotics and eventually the pill to help combat the skin problems I was having. Thankfully by my late teens it had cleared up enough to avoid taking any stronger medication, such as Roaccutane, which many of my schoolmates took and suffered terrible side effects.

At the moment, my skin gets a regular break out around my jawline then my cheeks, where I never used to get spots. I have two moisturisers that I use depending on the time of the month and how oily my skin is: Neutrogena’s Visibly Clear oil-free moisturiser and Vichy’s Normaderm or ASDA’s own problem skincare range, The Skin System oily/combination, that has salicylic acid in it. Regarding face washes I am currently using ASDA’s  problem skincare face scrub that you can also double up as a facemask and Lush’s “Angels on bare skin” face scrub, which I have to say has been a miracle treatment for my skin. You can scrub it quite hard or softly massage it into your skin and it smells so clean and delicious with almost a porridge-like consistency. I use it every day and the harsher, salicylic acid face wash every other day or so, so I don’t scrub my face too much.


I find that I often have to rotate what products I’m using as my skin becomes “used” to them, or they begin to irritate me. I also have very pale skin with blue/purple undertones and red blotches, so changes in my skin are immediately obvious. It has affected my self-esteem over the years and I practically cackled at the screen when my 16 year old cousin posted on Facebook asking “At what age will my skin be clear?”

I think it’s important to remember than in magazines skin is airbrushed, edited and filtered to perfection, despite actresses like Cameron Diaz openly admitting they have adult acne and acne scars, but the media still likes to pretend that it’s unusual and doesn’t happen. There aren’t many of my friends who don’t have adult breakouts or acne – especially amongst my female friends.


Whilst I am trying to treat my skin, I believe there needs to be a wider acceptance of adult acne and problem skin, because it is unrealistic to expect our skin to be clear 24/7, especially since women go through constant hormonal upheaval due to menstruation, menopause, etc. If you have any worries about your skin or tips and advice about how to love and care for you skin, feel free to comment!






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