Fun Fact Friday #3

Ok, it’s technically Saturday morning, but still! It’s been a busy old week, so here comes my belated super Fun Fact for Friday!

The sound of people coughing and sneezing makes my blood boil. I literally cannot stand it and feel sorry for anyone who coughs/sneezes/breathes heavily around me because I (apparently) stare at them like I want them to be struck with lightning.

According to Doctor Google, it’s a condition called Misophonia, often described as soft or selective sound sensitivity syndrome or, more accurately, hatred of sound. Poor J has had the short end of the straw on more than one occasion when he’s had a sneezing fit and I’ve just been all “Can you STOP PLEASE GOD!” It induces a fight-or-flight feeling and total inner rage as I quite literally have to run away sometimes to stop flying into a huff/angry outburst if someone sneezes, coughs or eats really loudly (Close your mouth, you ADULT!). I can’t explain it and find myself equally annoying when I’m eating crunchy cereal or sneezing due to the wonder that is hay fever.

So there you have it! Like and comment if you too hate the sound of random and harmless bodily functions or any other fun facts for Friday!




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