Things I can’t resist doing in games #2

Good evening and welcome to another edition of “Things I can’t resist doing in games!”

This week I’m focusing on a slightly controversial habit of mine whilst playing large-world RPG’s: Randomly killing NPC’s/ whole towns.

I know what you’re thinking: Video games turn people into psychopaths! They make kids violent!

Quite the contrary; I’m a bit of a pacifist. Vocal, yes, but I don’t exactly go around with a bow and arrow taking out people I don’t like.

We’ve all been there; you’ve been playing non-stop for a few hours and have grown a bit bored of radiant side quests/ long main quest lines. So you save, load your most powerful weapon and take out a whole town. Say, using the Fat Man in Fallout 4 to wipe out most of Diamond City’s inhabitants, or literally creating a ghost town in Red Dead Redemption. Or perhaps you prefer the stealth approach, such as sneaking and using a bow and arrow and stealthily assassinating NPC’s one-by-one like in Oblivion.

Another fun thing to, if your character has the ability, is to cast chaos or coercion spells where they’ll all randomly start attacking each other at your behest. Random, non-violent characters will start pulling out daggers, the guards all join in and you get to sit there with a sweet roll in hand and your karma/fame intact.

Sorry, allies! Feel my wrath!

As long as you save wisely, you can cause utter carnage, die a noble death and then load back as if nothing ever happened; Belethor doesn’t even remember you decapitating him just a minute previous!

In regards to companions/fame/infamy, there are various perks to massacring random people. In The Elder Scrolls games or Red Dead Redemption you can gain access to various quests and people just by being a bit of a dick, such as Daedric Prince quests by being an “ugly” (bad) character or getting a thumbs up from looters and baddies since you are, technically, one of them. The exception to this is Dogmeat, obviously, as he loves you regardless of your bizarre choices and questionable morals.

Another thing I love about this is the excellent NPC chat you get from the hoard hell bent on killing you. My personal favourites are the guards from Oblivion, with lines such as “STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM!”; “SOMEONE’S BEEN MURDERED!”; “BY THE NINE DIVINES!” and the excellent: “This is the part where you fall down aND BLEED TO DEATH!” (FYI: The NPC chat in Oblivion is amazing all round. PLEASE play it!)


So there you have it. In real life I’m a veggie-loving cat fanatic whereas in-game me is a bit of a homicidal maniac. Like and comment with what your weird game hobbies are or if you too enjoy taking out NPC’s!



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