Look over hair

My hair is absolutely my pride and joy. Whilst I often fall in and out of love with my naturally strawberry blonde locks, having a good or bad hair day can literally decide my mood for the entire day. Wind, rain and humidity are the bane of my life as my hair is naturally curly/ wavy and the slightest bit of moisture makes my hair wispy, wavy and flat. I am also a bit of a high-heat straightening devil and have been unkind to my hair in the past which has left me with damaged and sometimes brittle hair. Day-to-day, it feels like a constant battle to control my barnet.

When I was around 18/19 years old I started to experience some hair loss on the right hand side of my head, particularly around the ear and the underneath layers. It has been pretty difficult to deal with as my hair doesn’t grow in properly anymore and feels very thin for the most part, meaning that I go through a never ending cycle of trying to grow my hair out, crying as it thins then breaks, then chopping it back up to my chin. It is a cruel irony giving than I had thick ginger hair past my bum until I was 11 and even as a teenager had pretty long hair for a few years.

So, in order to preserve the condition of my hair, I’ve spent a small fortune on hair products to try and retain volume, length, strength and to encourage growth. I have three favourite products that I’ve been using for a while now and I genuinely believe they have made a difference to my hair. They are:

Hair haul!

Got2be Made 4 Mess Texturizing Hairspray, £4.05 from Superdrug; Got2be All Star 10-in-1 treatment, £4.05 from Superdrug and TIGI Bed Head Small Talk for between £6.99-£10.00 from various retailers, such as Amazon.

I used to use It’s a 10 Miracle leave-in treatment, but it is a bit more expensive at £10 a bottle. All Star is around £5 in most stores and I got mine for £3 on offer! I have been using it since January and just two pumps of it is enough to use in my mid-length hair. I often find my hair going completely flat after conditioning and this offers me a wonderful alternative that smooths out any unwanted curls or waves, adds volume and texture and offers heat protection. I love it! 5/5

The Made 4 Mess range is great. My partner uses the paste in his short hair and I sometimes use it to smooth my hair or rough it up a bit, but we both love the hairspray. It’s malleable and even if you spray it a bit too close it doesn’t make your hair sticky or feel like a tonne weight; it brushes out easily and you can shape your hair whilst spraying it or even a few hours afterwards. It has good hold even in the terrible Scottish weather we’re having at the minute and it smells great! 5/5

My last item is one of my favourite products of all time. I’ve been using it since I was about 13 or 14 and was rocking the short, layered, fringy Myspace look of 2004. It smells like berries, has a wonderfully silky texture and does absolutely wonders to my hair. It is the more expensive item on the list, BUT – and it’s a big but – I’ve found the 200ml bottle for £6.99 in B&M on numerous occasions as well as many other TIGI products so hunt around to find the best price. TIGI’s Dumb Blonde colour protect shampoo is also a favourite of mine because it leaves your hair vibrant and smells like a juicy pineapple! Two or three pumps of Small Talk is enough for my hair and I use it alongside All Star or on its own if it’s all I have to hand. It makes my hair manageable and fluffy, great when you’re going for the blown out look. 5/5

So there you have it! What products do you love or would like to see reviewed? Like, comment and subscribe!


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