Fun Fact Friday #4

It’s fridayyyy! As is customary,  here is another fun fact for you!

I am forever trying to widen my vocabulary and often test drive new words (that I’m not always sure how to pronounce) on J and my family. As much as I encourage reading and broadening your horizons, we all know someone who over uses “big” words – often incorrectly or in the wrong context.

There is a word for someone who always seems to be throwing out “big” words: Sesquipedalian. It is defined as someone (or something) that overuses “big” words, often to show off and impress others. I can’t help but love the irony that the word for a self-indulgent use of long words is a complicated word itself.

Or maybe I’m just incredibly sad. I feel confident in saying that we all know someone who uses ridiculously long words and bizarre phrases that are totally irreverent to the topic at hand, just so they can sound more intelligent. (They usually end up embarrassing themselves as some vocabulary wizard/ grammar god will point out their mistakes.)

And that’s my fun fact for Friday! What words do you find interesting or that you like or hate? Like, comment and subscribe!


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