Gamer’s block

Now that I’ve completed Fallout 4’s new DLC Automatron, I am once again in a gaming lull. Tesco in Linwood have Star Wars: Battlefront for a tasty £26.00, but I am put off by the online aspect of the game and the somewhat lack of story in the game. I was also casting my eye over Tom Clancy’s The Division, but some gamers claim that you run out of steam quite quickly and the level-cap is truly irritating. Which leads me to FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Dark Souls III. I have played part of the previous two games and my soul was crushed repeatedly, though they were pretty enjoyable games nonetheless.

Despite it only being released on the 12th of April, some gamers have already finished DSIII and loved every second of it. The different play styles and choices available in the game give it excellent replay value, and I am keen to jump on a new hype whilst I bide my time waiting for Blood and Wine. The game looks to fulfil all your annihilation-based dreams as you battle wildly difficult and elaborate enemies and battles, using various weapon and armour styles, as you power your way through the many, many deaths you’ll undoubtedly face.

Whilst the allure of queueing in The Division is very real, I am not sure if I can commit to another apocalypse-based game at present. I am currently awaiting my best friend, pay day, to arrive, so that I can buy Telltale’s Michonne TWD series, having loved the previous two series. I am also keen to discover some more Indie games, but am unsure where to start, as well as investing in another controller and purchasing some multiplayer games so that J and I can properly challenge each other.

TD does however offer an enjoyable online experience and I feel that I am finally over the semi let down that was Destiny and want to give online gaming another go. That being said, I still have Far Cry 4 to batter in to, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to play it. I played it for about two hours, after repeatedly being killed by the same bear and mountain lions because I was pretty shit at choosing appropriate places to place bits of meat to lure them. I kept luring the beasts to me, rather than away from me – an excellent tactical choice, I know. I’ve also had a go at Uncharted and am wondering whether to buy The Nathan Drake Collection and then Uncharted 4, so that’s another chunk of my cash gone to the gaming gods in the sky.

Sorry for the rambling nature of this piece, but I feel I’ve hit a bit gamer’s block. Having so many games on the menu makes for difficult pickings. What games are you playing on the PS4? Post your recommendations, like and subscribe!


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