First Impressions: The Elder Scrolls Online

I finally renewed my PlayStation Plus+ membership and jumped back into Elder Scrolls Online. I was lucky enough to test the Beta version twice for PC, so was super excited when I received a copy for my PS4 at Christmas from J. I am only a few hours in and still finding my feet, but I thought I’d give a general explanation of how I feel about this massive game.

Much like the Beta version, ESO doesn’t necessarily feel like an MMORPG. Character creation was fun and offers the player a wide range of customisation options, including height and weight. My character, Lauren of Rivia, is a petite Dark Elf – my favourite race in all TES games – who has white hair and a scar over her eye (My love for Geralt of Rivia knows no in-game bounds). I opted for the Dragonknight class and Ebonheart Pact for this play through, and already I’m feeling overwhelmed by the amount of quests I’ve been given. The map and navigation bar are very similar in style to those featured in Skyrim. The menu is also quite similar in style but a little fiddly to get around at times. I keep forgetting the game is in real time and have been killed whilst perusing my inventory on more than one occasion.

The scenery and graphics are pretty stunning and the characters have been designed well; a bit more cartoony that Skyrim or Fallout 4 but still distinctly recognisable as part of The Elder Scrolls franchise. Your character is not voiced and in ESO conversations between characters have subtitles placed within a text box with your dialogue options below, laid over a frozen background, rather than the game continuing in real time dialogue cutaways like in Skyrim. There are a few recognisable voices straight from the get-go: the first character you meet, Lyris Titanborn, is voice by none other than Jennifer Hale ❤ ❤ ❤ so you this story is serious .John Cleese also features for a short time and revered actor Michael Gambon is cast as the voice of The Prophet, alongside firm The Elder Scrolls favourite Lynda Carter. So far I have enjoyed all dialogue interactions, some of which are a bit random, and look forward to what else is in store.

The combat style is like a combination of MMO turn-based combat and Bethesda’s own combat style for Skyrim. Using a sword/staff/insert your weapon of choice functions in a style similar to that of a normal RPG, i.e. point and hack and slash, whereas powers are more turn based. In saying that, however, the re-charge speed of moves is similar to the loss and re-gain of magicka and stamina in a regular Bethesda RPG, therefore making it feel even less like an MMO. It is super frustrating when some random comes in and takes your kill, experience and loot, though; one of the downsides of completing quests alongside literally thousands of other players.

The game has an in-game currency -Crowns – which can be used to buy various outfits, armour sets, DLC and pets/ familiars. I had 750 crowns extra to add on to my account and bought myself a handsome white tiger than follows me around and sometimes attacks people; other times it just randomly spawns in awkward places. Either way, it’s nice to have a big cat run around after me!

I can’t say I’ve got the hang of the game yet and the near five month gap between starting the game and now has me a bit lost and confused, so I may start a new game to bridge the gap. I am still a bit unsure how to progress but I am determined to put a few more hours in and see what all the hype’s about. My last MMO experience was Destiny and whilst I was enjoying it, it was a very lonely game and at times often felt directionless and confused. Hopefully my ESO will be a far more enjoyable experience.

I am looking for people to play The Elder Scrolls Online with, so add me and send me  message if you’d like to game together! I am still a fairly low level though, so be kind!



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