Things I can’t resist doing in games #4

After revealing my junk hoarding, semi-homicidal gaming foibles in earlier pieces, I thought it was time to confess to another set of weird gaming habits. This time I’m going to focus on my crappy combat abilities, such as firing sniper rifles point-blanc at enemies, not taking cover to reload or, more accurately, not taking cover at all.

I am a serial “fire from the hip” kind of gal, but Fallout 4 has allowed me to get to grips with sniper weapons a little. When starting a new game I am, more often than not, a truly terrible shot; rather than hide behind a wall and plan my next shot like some sort of sensible, strategic nerd, I just run up to the enemy and fire blindly. The same can be said for Magic spells, which often results in some friendly fire and/or killing of a companion. RIP Lydia x 1000.

Me shooting from the hip (probably)

If the opportunity arises, I will use a super weapon to take out many enemies at once, but this usually results in killing my friends/ enemies I didn’t even know were there/ myself, so another key element of my well-honed fighting style is near infinite reloads in order to get the best outcome. Time and time again, I have felt the wrath of the ill-timed quick save or surprise auto save that made it impossible for me to load back from a fight, like that time in Skyrim where I fought the same dragon – and subsequently died every time – for almost an hour before it was pointed out to me that I could just change the difficulty, like some sort of non-committal amateur. Still, it meant that I could carry on with my quest to “Fus Ro Dah” as many people as possible off the Throat of the World, rather than loading back about 40 hours.

Stealth kills are also a favourite of mine, as mentioned in a previous article. There’s nothing I like better than hiding with a bow and arrow and taking out random civilians one by one, or running about literally stabbing people in the back. Or standing on their face and stabbing them because my sneak skills are so high. Don’t know how you didn’t see that big, green Orc crouching on the table in front of you, firing arrows into your face, guy.

Somehow managed to kill that guy without bringing the scope to my eye. GG.

I’ll be the first to admit that my saving habits often leave a lot to be admired; I’m either a relentless quick save player or a faithful “big save” type of gal, particularly with RPG’s where I must immediately load back and undo that choice/ fight that guy/ run away. It is super satisfying when you pull off a head shot or manage to dismember an enemy in one move and equally crushing when you are somehow forced to load back and can’t replicate that wonderful move you achieved just moments ago. Even better, when some lag ruins your perfectly well-timed attack and you end up attacking a team mate or perhaps a chicken, leading you to become the world’s most despicable villain.

Terrible or not, I have managed to complete a fair few games with this ridiculous combat style and don’t plan on changing any time soon.



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