Things I can’t resist doing in games #5

I was really wracking my brains trying to compile a list of annoying habits I have in games when I was on the night shift earlier this week and realised I’d missed a pretty obvious entry: avoiding easy routes in games and exploiting in-game physics.

We’ve all been there: You’ve got to travel waaaay up a hill or a mountain; the 7,000 steps to High Hrothgar, for example. You could follow the path and the literal steps or you could run vertically and jump repeatedly up the sharp, rigid peaks of the mountain in a route that arguably takes longer than the steps themselves and have a far more substantial risk of death than walking along a ready-made road.

I’ve honestly spent hours hitting jump over and over whilst trying to run up and over mountains, buildings, people etc. in order to avoid paths and roads, because I’m totally convinced you explore and find areas quicker and have more random encounters this way than stoating about gravelly walkways. I don’t really think there’s any truth behind this irrational belief, but I do it nonetheless. Plus I always marvel at the in-game physics that allow me to somehow balance on virtually NOTHING and remain upright on the edge of a mountain, particularly when I’m in a vehicle or riding a horse.

There are obvious downsides to this time saving method, however; the most obvious is CERTAIN DEATH, the other being the risk that you’ll accidentally roll/slide down and injure someone or something on your way down and become the most hated individual in the world (re: accidental chicken deaths in Skyrim. Criminal scum!). You also risk damaging your goods or aforementioned vehicles like in Mass Effect with the Mako as you make a futile effort to climb the near vertical peaks of the many, many planets in the known ME universe, only to roll all the way back down, destroying the guns and somehow setting the Mako on fire in the process. Thanks for nothing, Garrus!

So there you have it! Another time-efficient means of exploring worlds. Like, comment and subscribe!





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