Moving forward: University at 25

Having rekindled my love of nursing and helping people, a brilliant ward Sister encouraged me to reapply to study nursing at university. I had previously started a nursing course a few years ago but it was a sort of wrong place, wrong time affair. I’m pleased to say that I’ve been accepted into one university to study the Honours course and have reached the final … Continue reading Moving forward: University at 25

What I hope to see at E3 2016

This year’s E3 conference is right around the corner and the gaming world is alight with hopes and intrigues about what games may be showcased this year. There have been a flurry of leaks and revels over the last week, such as Watchdogs 2 and Destiny: Rise of Iron, as well as suspicions surrounding a new Red Dead Redemption sequel/prequel/something. Icons such as EA have … Continue reading What I hope to see at E3 2016

Fun Fact Friday #5

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to think of a fun fact for this entry, meaning that my life/personality is incredibly boring or that I may need to move on to thinking about random trivia for the upcoming weeks entries. Anyway, this week I’d like to share another obsession with you: Police television programmes. Regardless which channel the show is on, I … Continue reading Fun Fact Friday #5