Having had another spell of writer’s block, I took to Twitter for inspiration for this post. It didn’t take long to find the #GrowingUpScottish tag and some of the responses are absolute belters. I have mixed feelings about my Scottish identity: on the one hand I’m a red haired, blue eyed and freckle-covered West coast girl with a love of whisky, haggis and kilts; on the other, I’m a modern and well-travelled European. There are some elements of my personality, speech and beliefs that are 100% Scottish and certain quirks can be found in all areas of Scotland. So here’s a list of my favourite things about Growing Up Scottish.

  1. Calling the ceiling light your “big light”, which was switched on when extra focus was needed.
  2. Leaving the hall light/ bathroom light/ an extra light on and having a parent yell “It’s like the Blackpool Illuminations in here!”
  3. A roll and crisps (Salt and Vinegar Squares were my favourite!)
  4. A roll and slice (or square or Lorne sausage)
  5. “Five ten naw playin” (Pronounced “pleh-en”) A popular playground rhyme to signal that, in fact, I’m not playing this game anymore.
  6. The wonderful Inverclyde term for skiving or missing something: Skidging. (E.G. “I skidged uni.” or “You’re a work skidger!”)
  7. Calling the area where you lived and played in “ma bit”.
  8. Macaroni pies.
  9. Offering someone a hot drink and food the second they step into your house.
  10. Hogmanay.
  11. Having a “play piece” for first break at school.
  12. Going to the Catty unders from half five till half nine and wondering how people can go out from eleven at night till three in the morning.
  13. Being told I’d get square eyes if I sat too close to the TV.
  14. Chips and gravy.
  15. When a 10p mixture actually cost 10p and everything in it was delicious.
  16. The story you heard from every teacher about the boy who swung in his chair, cracked his head on the radiator and died.
  17. Irn-bru bars.
  18. A double nougat ice cream with raspberry sauce.
  19. A bit of Sudocream and TCP heals all.
  20. The big climbing frame in primary school.
  21. If Jackie Bird isn’t on your TV telling you it’s New Year, has it really happened?
  22. “A big clean”.
  23. The Singing Kettle.
  24. The Irn Bru Snowman advert at Christmas.
  25. Living by the water. I still love the view!

Do any of you have a favourite memory about growing up Scottish? Or any other nationality? Like, comment and subscribe.



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