Things I can’t resist doing in games #6

Having played my fair share of medieval-based games that allow the player to use magic, I often find myself favouring fire over ice and electricity based attacks. I wouldn’t say that in real life I’m a pyromaniac or an arsonist; I’m pretty terrified of fire and being around too much boiling water having been burnt as a child. But in games? You better have some Flamazine ready, because you’re about to get burned.

By burned, I mean absolutely incinerated. Flammable thatched roofs? Random NPC’s? Chickens? They’ve all felt my firey wrath, whether that’s from magic, a staff or even a sword enchanted with fire spells; there’s nothing quite like being hacked to pieces whilst simultaneously being set alight. I’m not particularly convinced fire spells do any more damage than ice or electricity, but it’s my default choice in any game where magic is involved.

Firey destruction!

So, if you ever find me playing online, watch out for me throwing fire around like it’s going out of style.




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