My first tattoo: Planning

**Always think before you ink! **

Keeping in line with recent themes of change and self-improvement, I’ve been playing around with my appearance quite a bit: Dying my hair, wearing different styles of makeup and clothing out with my comfort zone and generally trying to be more proactive about my social life. I’ve always been part of “alternative” culture, being a goth and a metal head in my youth, obsessed with bold clothing, piercings and tattoos. I have six piercings in total: 5x ear and a nose piercing (right now I am loving my rose gold nose ring!). However, I am a bit of a chicken and have a fear of needles. Getting the piercings was my first test at desensitising myself to this fear and I’ve decided to take it a bit further: I’m planning my first tattoo.

I am still absolutely terrified, of course, but a few good friends have shown me various tattoo parlours around the greater Glasgow and Clyde area, including recommending the artists who designed and inked their tattoos and I’ve decided to go with Fleur de Lis studio in Glasgow. The style of the tattoo is, obviously, cat related. I was thinking about having either a sleek outline of a cat with bright water-colour splashes or a more geometric design of a cat’s body/ face.

I originally wanted a geometric shape, like a triangle, but my sister laughed herself into next week when I told her and said “Get a fucking cat, you love cats!”. She’s right. Triangles are cool and exact, but cats are ace. I did consider getting a Mass Effect or other gaming tattoo but I have decided against it for now as they would be of a more intricate design. My consultation is the 16/08/2016 and I am super excited but also pretty scared. The tattoo will hopefully be placed just about my ankle and I’m hoping it won’t be too sore. (I’m a bleeder, of course it’s gonna be bloody sore.)

So that’s that! Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be a grey/pink/rose gold haired, nose ring wearing, tattooed babe. Do you have any tattoos or ideas for cool designs? How did you handle the pain? And are any of you planning your own tattoo?


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