Fun Fact Friday #6

As previously mentioned, I love to cook. I own about a dozen cook books of various cuisine styles and love to try my hand at something new whenever I have the opportunity. As well as using books and the internet, cooking shows have always been a great source of culinary inspiration. Saturday Morning Kitchen was always a staple at home, along with the various shows that followed it. Recently, however, I’ve rediscovered an old favourite in cooking reality TV: Gordon Ramsay. I am absolutely obsessed with watching the foul-mouthed, super-ambitious TV chef in all his shows formats, my current vices being Ramsay’s Hotel Hell, Hell’s Kitchen USA and Kitchen Nightmare’s USA.

Sure, the American version is always way over the top and full of pretentious, well-scripted nonsense, but I lap it up every time. I genuinely never tire of hearing him shot “Fuck off!” at someone or throw food around a kitchen/ off his chef’s heads. He is the king of sarcastic one-liners and under-handed insults. He is, if you like, my spirit animal; I even have the forehead wrinkles to match.

I mean, he does give me the absolute fear at times but when he needs to be, e.g. around kids and near the end of competitions, he is a sweetheart to staff and competitors. Should I ever lead a team, I will probably channel my inner Ramsay every day.

So that’s my Fun Fact Friday for this week! To finish, here are a few of my favourite lines from the shows:

“What is that?!” x1000000000

“This is a really tough decision because you’re both crap.”

“You fucking donkey!”

“Fuck off!” x Infinity


“LOOK! LOOOOOOOOOK!” (The video on Youtube is hilarious.)




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