Things I can’t resist doing in games #7

Having played my fair share of RPG’s and story-led games, I have experienced the joy – and anger – of choosing whether to be a goody-two-shoes or a terrible tyrant, as well as the rewarding or devastating results they provide. I have finally arrived at the conclusion that I am a paragon at heart; I simply find it too difficult to take the scumbag approach.

Geralt in Beauclair, caring not a jot for your feelings.

In saying that, I did enjoy the “Sarcastic” choices in Fallout 4 as the voice talents of Courtenay Taylor lend themselves well to the tongue-in-cheek responses from the Lone Wanderer; for further example, see Jack from the Mass Effect series and you’ll see how savage she can be. Even Geralt’s “kind” choices are often laden with sarcasm and dripping with apprehension; I’ve detailed in previous posts about how Geralt lets you and the NPC know that the quest you’ve just accepted is actually a crock of shite and it’s totally not the be-all and end-all you think it is. There are times in Mass Effect, too, where the “bad” or renegade options are really enjoyable – punching TV news reporters in the face, for example, or when Commander Shepard mumbles a false password on Noveria:

“Uh… Sic semper tyrannis… [cough]” – Commander Shepard, Master Troll.

Fallout 4_20160322221627
Curie did not appreciate my Sanctuary massacre…

However, there are also pretty severe downsides of not choosing the “good” route; missing out on crew/team members, for example, or receiving a crappy reward in place of a badass sword. Whilst some choices are morally grey and offer pretty equal rewards and outcomes, there are some clear-cut options where the positive option is definitely the best. People often forget that you can refuse to take Garrus or Wrex on your ME journey, but why on earth would you do that? It is silly and you’ll be stuck with Kaiden and Ashley and nobody wants that.

Basically, if I can avoid being a total weapon, I will. Respect to all you badasses out there!


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