Glesgames at Drygate Brewery 15/10/2016

I finally attend my first Glesgames even last Saturday, having promising to go with my partner for ages. Glesgames is a bi-monthly gaming event at the Drygate Brewery in Glasgow where you can play video games on a variety of consoles, all the way back to the Sega Megadrive to the more recent PS4 and take part in various tournaments, like the Street Fighter tournament we watched. There are also question panels and quizzes involving homegrown talent such as Glesgames regulars Bit Socket, Two Good Boys and Gavin Spence. The piece-de-resistance was the beer on sale. The beer was cold and delicious and the food was tasty and affordable. The venue and event have everything you need to have a great Saturday night!

Due to a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, J and I were unable to attend the panel show on this occasion (Boo!) but were told by our friends that it was hilarious as usual, bar the odd heckle here and there. The event’s organiser, Simon Marshall, welcomed us all the same and recognised us both as Twitter followers, so that made us feel a bit special/ like a mini celebrity. Whilst they were setting up the consoles, we ordered some food. I had the chicken burger and it was really tasty, and I devoured it in about 2 minutes. The 6.9% Crossing the Rubicon beer went down a treat, too!

After chatting to a few people and getting another few beers, we headed into the events room to get a shot of a few old favourites. Whilst I was absolutely smashed at Street Fighter by J, I was redeemed with my Pokémon victories. I discovered that I remain pretty shite at Halo 2 but that I still have the reflexes for Sonic. We also spent a hilarious twenty minutes playing Mother Russia Bleeds, a 4 player beat-em-up game that’s quite gory even though it’s a pixel side-scrolling game. J decided to take part in the Street Fighter Tournament and got quite far, while I watch a few people playing various games. By this point, we had acquired enough Dutch courage, so I decided I was going to try and network with some of Scotland’s biggest gaming contributors.


Let me start by saying that J is known for making inappropriate jokes of the phallic variety on Twitter. Somewhere along the line, I decided it was appropriate to introduce myself to Joe and Scott from Bit Socket by mentioning the latest boaby joke he had sent to them a few days prior. I’m not sure if being a tipsy lassie making peen jokes was the best introduction I’ve ever pulled off, but I managed to have a pretty long conversation with the boys, leading to meeting Guy and Barry from Two Good Boys and Gavin Spence from Geshcast. Inevitably, though, this story followed me around and J thought it would be hilarious to tell everyone we met that I introduced myself with a dick joke, even if it was his own joke. I am a patter thief, after all.

It must be said that everyone we met was open-minded, friendly and genuine. We welcomed warmly into the fold and everyone seemed interested in hearing other people’s ideas and opinions without it turning into Gamergate: Glasgow Edition. I do apologise if I just rambled mindlessly at people, however; I obviously need to practice my social skills a bit. I had an excellent time and took a billion photos – most of which will never see the light of day – but I will put up a few of the “best” ones.

I would urge you to attend their next event if you enjoy gaming and beer, whether you owned a SNES years ago or are playing the latest AAA games. I made a lot of new friends and got a lot of advice about writing and podcasts, so if you want to get into the gaming journalism scene then it’s also a great even to go to for inspiration and support. Thank you for a great night and well done Glesgames!




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