About GameNora

Hi there! I’m Lauren, a twenty-something gamer and writer hailing from the West of Scotland. Writing has always been a passion of mine, which transformed into blogging in 2010 when I began my first online blog about my academic year abroad in Poitiers, France. Whilst it was mostly a bit of a rant and ramble at everyday French life, it was my own corner of the internet where I could write about my hopes and fears, provide some first-hand advice on moving abroad as a student, alongside some silly anecdotes and random encounters. GameNora was created in the hope of  broadening horizons, sharing ideas and connecting with people over shared and individual passions (games being my forte.)

Whilst gaming has brought me endless hours of joy over the years, I could never quite find the confidence to put pen to paper about the games I love. The video game journalism industry has exploded with new talent in recent years and I found the prospect of adding my two cents understandably daunting. Now considered a viable art form and therefore worthy of a little textual and visual analysis, video games offer a plethora of genres, art styles and their writing portrays true literary prowess in a time where book adaptations have wandered from film and TV into the RPG, narrative-driven realm of games.

I find that writing lets me consolidate my ideas properly, rather than verbally proj-vomming at people. I often feel that, as a young woman, I can’t express certain interests, such as my love of video games, without fear of being considered as a “fake” gamer or, more commonly, a complete nerd. I fully embrace my obvious addiction to games, cats and dishes containing wayyy too much chilli, and want to show others that are perhaps struggling with their own idea of their “self” to realise that it is ok to be who you are and like what you like.

What can I expect from GameNora?

A whole lot, really. I write about what I love; whether that’s food, games, clothes and make up or any other interests that come to mind. The aim of GameNora is to show how the different elements of my personality make up the real “me”, with some reviews on the side. Whilst I haven’t decided entirely on the direction of the blog, my main aim is to provoke thoughts and provide you with my own (hopefully interesting) take on the world.

But I won’t lie; it’s mostly about games.

Contact and Social Media

As a modern woman and a child of the MySpace era, I am present on most social media platforms. You can find my Instagram and Twitter links in the Social Media Menu and can add me on Playstation Network.