Face Time

I seldom find a brand of makeup that doesn’t start irritating the life out of my skin after a few weeks. Being incredibly pale, I have purple and blue undertones and red across my nose and cheeks, so have spent a small fortune since my teenage years on colour correcting make up, heavy-duty foundations and concealers and various other potions and lotions. I have also … Continue reading Face Time

Moving forward: University at 25

Having rekindled my love of nursing and helping people, a brilliant ward Sister encouraged me to reapply to study nursing at university. I had previously started a nursing course a few years ago but it was a sort of wrong place, wrong time affair. I’m pleased to say that I’ve been accepted into one university to study the Honours course and have reached the final … Continue reading Moving forward: University at 25

Pieces of a person: Taking care of your whole self

I can readily admit that I wasn’t always my own Number 1 priority; I would often place my needs second, third – OK, totally last – compared to the needs of others, because it brought me joy to think I was helping someone or made them happy. Cue friends, boyfriends and a string of other people taking the rip out of me and almost destroying … Continue reading Pieces of a person: Taking care of your whole self

Payday must-have: Kitty bag

I am a self-confessed cat enthusiast. I have a Christmas cat jumper, a regular cat jumper, a cat bed spread, phone covers, soft toys – EVERYTHING. The only thing I don’t have is a real cat, which is a disappoint I re-live on a daily basis. SO! On my hunt for all things cats, I stumbled upon this beauty on ASOS: Whilst there’s every chance … Continue reading Payday must-have: Kitty bag