Face Time

I seldom find a brand of makeup that doesn’t start irritating the life out of my skin after a few weeks. Being incredibly pale, I have purple and blue undertones and red across my nose and cheeks, so have spent a small fortune since my teenage years on colour correcting make up, heavy-duty foundations and concealers and various other potions and lotions. I have also … Continue reading Face Time

First impressions: Dragon Age: Inquisiton

After spending upwards of 400 hours on Bioware’s Mass Effect series, I finally got round to buying Dragon Age: Inquisition and entering an entirely new world. In true Bioware form, there is a substantial Codex that allows you to brush up on the lore of DA: I whilst you begin your adventure. Much like my experience with The Witcher, I felt like I had loaded … Continue reading First impressions: Dragon Age: Inquisiton

Turn and face the strange.

“Time may change me, but I can’t trace time.” Bowie, D. (1971) Hunky Dory. London: RCA Music. So life has thrown me a somewhat unexpected curveball. Normally I am akin to Garth Algar from Wayne’s World in that I “fear change” and often don’t handle sudden alterations well. My partner and I have separated, I am now living on my own again and I am … Continue reading Turn and face the strange.


Having had another spell of writer’s block, I took to Twitter for inspiration for this post. It didn’t take long to find the #GrowingUpScottish tag and some of the responses are absolute belters. I have mixed feelings about my Scottish identity: on the one hand I’m a red haired, blue eyed and freckle-covered West coast girl with a love of whisky, haggis and kilts; on … Continue reading #GrowingUpScottish

What I hope to see at E3 2016

This year’s E3 conference is right around the corner and the gaming world is alight with hopes and intrigues about what games may be showcased this year. There have been a flurry of leaks and revels over the last week, such as Watchdogs 2 and Destiny: Rise of Iron, as well as suspicions surrounding a new Red Dead Redemption sequel/prequel/something. Icons such as EA have … Continue reading What I hope to see at E3 2016

Fun Fact Friday #5

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to think of a fun fact for this entry, meaning that my life/personality is incredibly boring or that I may need to move on to thinking about random trivia for the upcoming weeks entries. Anyway, this week I’d like to share another obsession with you: Police television programmes. Regardless which channel the show is on, I … Continue reading Fun Fact Friday #5