Just what every modern blog needs: A food corner! A mixture of recipes, food preferences and lifestyle choices. I am reluctant to say “weight-loss guide” as everyone needs a tailored plan to lose weight healthy. For me, that was a vegetarian diet and brown carbs. I’m not about to suggest that everyone should become vegetable worshippers overnight and hit the gym eight days a week, but I also can’t deny that certain lifestyle choices have affected me positively, others very negatively. I’m told it’s in my genes to absolute love food, and one of my other favourite past-times is cooking, especially for my friends and family.

Whilst the presentation of my food can sometimes leave a lot to be desired, I’m told that the flavours are there, which is a plus of sorts. I hope you enjoy my style of cooking, baking and general culinary wizardry as I try to vary my diet.

Also: There may be gin here. Sometimes whisky. Probably beer. Just sayin’.